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missing oregon

remember that one time?


that one time was perfect.

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a grandma on a zipline

DSCN2523 DSCN2524 DSCN2525


greg’s grandma roberts

roberts family reunion 2013

the baby blessing

today was this little guy’s baby blessing

such a sweet day, such a sweet blessing, such a sweet baby

it was fabulous


thanks to all who came


the mother

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The birth of baby Miles

miles stephen roberts

may 5, 2013

8lb; 19 inches


I had a c-section, I was four days overdue, and I was exhausted.

here’s what happened:

april 30

dr. appt.  no progress.  no contractions. if you don’t progress, your chances of a c-section are high, she told me.

I’ll progress, I thought.

may 1

due date.

may  2


may 3

7 pm  out to dinner with greg’s family.

No contractions.  This baby’s not coming anytime soon, I told them.

10 pm  contractions

10:02 pm contractions

10:04 pm contractions

10:06 pm contractions

contractions continue

10:30 pm uh, greg, I think this baby might be coming soon

contractions continue

may 4

12 am bags packed, at the hospital

hooked up to iv’s.  heart racing. what have we gotten ourselves into?

let’s wait an hour to see your progression, said the nurse

12:10 am contractions slow

12:40 am contractions even more slow

okay, greg, the baby’s not coming.  let’s get ready to go home.

1 am

okay, we’re admitting you, said the nurse

baby’s heartbeat is a little scary. you’re going to have this baby.

no progress.

cervadil to ripen cervix.

1 pm

no progress

let’s try another medication

(don’t remember the name)

4 pm

no progress

infection.  antibiotics.


8 pm

no progress

oxygen.  slowed baby heart rate.  lots of tears.

water broken.  pitocin.  balloon.

let’s wait and see in a few hours

10 pm

no progress.  oxygen.  more tears.


may 5

4 am

no progress.  oxygen.  exhausted.  pain.

lots of pain.  lots and lots of pain.

probably from your infection or your tired contracting uterus.

nope, your epidural is leaking.  yikes.  fixed.

8 am

you’re dilated to a 3.  80% effaced.

but his heart rate is slowing.  no more pitocin for you.

let’s see if your body can do it by itself.

8:30 am

contractions slow.

slower.  slower. stopped.

9 am

let’s get this baby out.

we’ve tried everything to get have you deliver vaginally.

90% chance c-section.  10% chance vaginal delivery.

no way in hell I can push this baby out, thought to myself

11:30 am

c-section time

scared.  sleepy.  out.

little baby miles was born at 11:46 am.

1:30 pm

wake up.

where is my baby?

2 pm

found him.

there was nothing more sweet than holding this little one in my arms.

I just stared at him.

grateful to have him with me, alive.

grateful to be alive.

many tears, many kisses.

more in love than I could ever have imagined.

it really didn’t matter how he got here.

I had him.

he is mine.

and I couldn’t be more in love.

baby miles 046